Scraping pizza off the wheel.

Black zorro mask, giant novelty sunglasses, arrow attached to head, cape, karate belt, and a battered spongebob plushie on a string. Welcome to minneapolis.

Yes, he was dancing perched on a fire hydrant.

Yes, he was dancing perched on a fire hydrant.

This city hasn’t looked this alive since last September. Amazing what a sunny 70 degree day can do…

Few things I enjoy as much as watching a robin struggle, and then succeed, in snagging a super fat earth worm. Spring is finally upon us.

Once upon a time, the black metal band that I play in, played a set of bathory covers at a crust squat in south minneapolis. There was a tire swing in the center of the room, and as we played “A Fine Day to Die”, a bunch of children with crust dreads (honestly, they were about 8-10 years old), played on the swing as we performed. I think that may be my favorite show I have ever played in. 

I always wished that Neige would have abandoned Alcest, and continued Amesoeurs instead.