Scraping pizza off the wheel.
The Cure

—A Night Like This


The Cure - A Night Like This (1985)

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Against my better judgement, I listened to a couple new Behemoth tracks (I chock it up to “getting to know thine enemy”)…and it seems like they were trying to follow in Watain’s footsteps, without any of the catchiness or success. Accessible doesn’t have to mean boring, guys. 


working on this zine!! 
my part is gonna be 8 pages but the whole zine is 32 pages in all!!
it’s looking soooo good you guys!

but how do i fight on without you, megu?

Right in the feels….

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Bonus 2x

Bonus 2x

Mr. Hbak

Mr. Hbak

Black zorro mask, giant novelty sunglasses, arrow attached to head, cape, karate belt, and a battered spongebob plushie on a string. Welcome to minneapolis.

Yes, he was dancing perched on a fire hydrant.

Yes, he was dancing perched on a fire hydrant.

This city hasn’t looked this alive since last September. Amazing what a sunny 70 degree day can do…